100 Percent Commission Brokerage

Think of all the real estate companies over the years that had spent millions of their agents’ commissions promoting their company brand and now those companies are long gone – all those hard earned  monies spent –  but the agents are still here – and the agents still make all the deals.  It’s about time they kept all their commissions for their own benefit?  For this and many other reasons, the 100% commission brokerage is gaining lots of attraction.

We are not the only 100% commission brokerage available for you.  Several others are worthy of your consideration.  But first and foremost, and most important for your real estate career, is for you to advance to the 100% commission program whichever brokerage you join.

Of course, we believe you will find our 100% program the most workable for you because of our personalized attention to your needs and our personalized attention to your transactions. Our long standing, straight forward  100% commission program has worked very successfully over many years for our agents who have sold or leased every type of real estate.

Welcome to Gilleran Griffin Realtors.

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