Yes, you can. Your National Association of Realtors has complied a state by state profile as to how each state will allow you to sell properties in that state.

Go to “www.realtor.org/Ncommsrc,nsf/pages/StateLicenseChart“.

Most states will allow an Out Of State Licencee (OSL) to receive a referral fee from the local broker. Some states allow the sharing of a commission provided you follow the laws of that state. Some allow you to be physically in the state where the property is located while you are involved in the transaction; others states do not – you must stay in your state to sell property located in that state. A few states exclude you from doing any work on the sale of a property in those states – referral only.

Example: Nevada: You can sell a limited number of properties in Nevada and you can perform licence work in Nevada provided you file a 10 page Out-of-State Cooperative Certificate, good for one year, from the Nevada Dept of Real Estate; pay a $150 filing fee and work with a Nevada licensee who must approve all documents. The easier way to go would be to let the Nevada agent do all the work and legally have them pay you a referral fee. Some will pay a full fee – 50%!

To think beyond our borders is good. Have our agents sold out-of-state properties? Yes. Let us know how we can help you make out-of-state arrangements.

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