Buyers today are in a stronger position than they were just a few months ago. If youre the kind of agent who would always prefer to present your offers to sellers directly, one on one, try demanding that from the listing agents. One-on-one presentations are always in the best interest of your buyers. You get to see the sellers, you get to hear what they like and what they dont like about your offer, you get to provide more personal information about your buyer, and best of all, you will probably walk out with a counter in hand or even better, an acceptance.

Maybe you personally have never faced the seller one-on-one before and therefore you may be reluctant to do it, but toadys market may demand that it is in the best interest of your buyer to present their offer personally. “My buyer has made it a condition of the offer to be presented personally by his agent.” You are not required by law to tell the listing agent before hand what you offer is, only that you have an offer. The listing agent is required to tell the seller that there is an offer on the property and the buyer wants his agent to present it personally.

Dont be surprised when the listing agent says “OK, Ill set it up.” This may be the listing agents opportunity to get a price reduction if nothing else.

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