Be aware, some insurance companies are not renewing policies after claims have been made. Believe it or not, the insurance industry is going through an insurance crisis. Some of the biggest are not writing home owners insurance in California. But worse, insurance companies like Allstate are sending home owners notice that the company will not renew after expiration and the reason for this notice is that the home owner put in a claim for damages, regardless of how small. In certain areas of California, fire insurance must be obtained from abroad, Lloyds of London for example. Naturally the yearly premium for this elaborate policy is staggering. We advise you and your clients not to place a damage claim until you talk to your insurance agent regarding this issue. The insurance company itself will not tell you that they will not renew if you submit a claim, but thats what theyll do anyway. The agent may be able to advise you accordingly. Talk to any insurance agent and they will confirm the troubles they are having in placing insurance in California.

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