1) The “9A Report” is issued by the City of Los Angeles. City reports are also issued by Beverly Hills and Santa Monica and other cities, but not all cities. Only LA calls its report “9A”

2) The City Report provides the buyer with “confirmed” property information, such as the exact zoning and other important property matters including any Pending Special Assessments $ owed or owing.

3) The report is a required ordinance by the city, and it is the agents duty to be sure the buyer gets it.

4) The report usually cost upwards of $70 depending on the city. The seller is to pay for the report. Escrow sends the seller a request to pay for the reports at the time escrow docs are sent out. The check is made payable to the city. Most escrow companies send for the report when escrow receives the sellers check. A few escrow companies may pay up front and collect from the seller later. Ask your escrow officer about this.

5) The listing agent must confirm with the seller that the check was sent to escrow. Sellers are usually slow is sending the check, which causes a problem because the report may take up to two weeks to get back from the city and be given to the buyer for their approval. The solution: get the seller to issue the check right away.

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