The United States is moving from a manufacturing society to a knowledge based society, which seems to be true. On that subject, a well known scientist recently stated: “Soon, anybody will be able to know everything that is known.”

I am reminded of the great automobile manufacture Henry Ford on trial. Ford sued the New York Times for slander because the paper always depicted him in cartoons as stupid. At the trial, an attorney for the Times asked Ford a simple math problem, the answer to which most children would have known.

Fords answer, however, was to ask the judge if the trial could be moved to Fords private penthouse office. “Why?” asked the judge. “Well, your Honor, on my desk there are about 20 buttons. Each button rings one of my many corporate employees, each of whom I pay a great salary. To answer this attorneys question, I would ring for an accountant. He would quickly run into my office and he would answer this question for me. So, you tell me, your Honor, whoses stupid?”

The point is, we do not have to carry knowledge with us like so much luggage. What we need to know is how to quickly find what we want to know.

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