All too often an agents attitude toward providing all the required documentation on a sale is unacceptably casual. We understand the agents primary concern is with the deal itself… if it is going to close or not… do they get their commission? But the Department of Real Estate doesnt care about your commission. The Department cares about proper paperwork. There are no excuses we can give to the Department regarding failure to collect documentation. If our attitude toward collecting proper documentation seems nagging, we dont do enough nagging.

As all our agents should know: if all the proper documentation is not in our possession when escrow closes, you will not receive your commission until all documents are in.

Regarding quality of copies:, we prefer to hold original copies in our files if possible.

Regarding signatures: all documents must be signed by all the right parties.

Regarding unsigned copies: please do not stick unsigned copies in the file and expect that to satisfy anybody but yourself.

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