Disclosure reporting companies provide a Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement with their reports. It is recommended that your seller and you, the agent, sign this HND report.

Repeat: Yes, you and the seller must sign the NHD statement that accompanies the report.. Printed above your signature on this report it is stated that neither you nor the seller have verified the information in the report and that you are not responsible for any errors in the report. It does, however, state that the seller and the agent represent to the best of their knowledge that information is true and correct. This means that you do not know anything to the contrary as recorded in the report by the disclosure reporting company. Of course if you know something to the contrary as reported you should say so by calling this knowledge to the attention of the disclosure reporting company so that they can make the appropriate changes.

The disclosure reporting companies get their information from public records. If the public records are not correct, then the disclosure reporting company is not responsible, and neither are the seller or the agent.

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