California Civil Code section 194193 requires landlords to install and maintain deadbolt locks on main entry doors and security or locking devices on windows designed to be opened. In the case of multi-family units, landlords must install locking devices which comply with fire and safety codes on doors that provide access to common areas such as hallways. Tenant have an obligation to notify landlord when these security devices become inoperable!

There are teeth in this law. Landlords who do not comply will be liable to their tenants for damages. These damages could range from $100.00-$1000.00 depending on the circumstances. Also tenants can take it upon themselves to repair these security devices and deduct from rent and the landlords failure to perform will affect the landlords right to evict the tenant who is in default on their rental agreement. For a detailed summary of this law and the requirements of the landlord we have a copy of the law provided by CAR here in the office. Ask for landlords duty to provide security.

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