The listing agreement allows you to advertise anywhere you think best. Do you have to obtain your sellers permission before you advertise their property on the Internet? The answer is: NO! You do not have to obtain approval.

Can you advertise another agents listing on the Internet (or on your website/web-page)? The answer is: You cannot if you did not obtain prior written consent from the other agent! You may think the other agent would like to have advertising help, but you must first have written authority.

Can you download or reproduce M.L.S. listing information to your website/webpage? The answer is: NO! You may only download you own listings!

Can you have your website/webpage “link” to the M.L.S. website. The answer is: YES! You can link to any other website/webpage. However, it cannot appear that the “linked” website is yours. You can “link” to REALTOR.com, the MLS.com, CAR.com, or any other site you wish.

Do trademark laws, copyright laws, false advertising laws apply to the Internet? The answer is: YES!

Fair housing laws also apply to the Internet.

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