Many successful real estate agents say most of their business is from referrals. This statement would lead you to think that these agents must know a lot of people who buy and sell real estate, but this is not true. These agents have put the word out to everyone they know and especially to everyone they meet: “Hey, Im in real estate. Heres my card. If you know of anyone looking to buy or sell, have them give me a call. I’ll pay you a referral fee!”

Most of us do not use our business cards as we should use them. It is the best form of advertizing! It is also the cheapest form of advertising! Try this method for one month! Keep your cards with your. Give one to everyone you meet. Offer a referral fee. Everyone loves a referral fee!

REMEMBER THE CHAIN OF CONNECTION BETWEEN PEOPLES: According to the expects, we are all only six people removed from knowing everyone else in the nation. This means that you know (1) someone (2) who knows someone (3) who knows someone (4) who knows someone (5) who knows President Bush. Believe it or not! Its true. Only six people removed from everyone else! Begin today to build a referral system for yourself.

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