Agents are misusing e-mail and the result is not good. Use e-mail to acknowledge receipt of documents or to state a fact, such as, that a document has not been received. Do not use e-mail to talk to your client instead of using a phone call. Call instead of typing e-mails. Whats happening? (1) Voice communication gets the job done better and faster and with less confusion that sending e-mails. (2) Voice communication is the next best thing to personal contact. E-mail is not personal. It is more like reading a book. E-mails require understanding & comprehension & retention. (3) Agents tend to write too much – so much so that their e-mails become booklets. (4) E-mails become too impersonal. We tend to forget the human side of successful communication. Voice inflection is essential to communication, as well as emotion and pauses in the exchange of ideas, and humor. (5) Agents are hiding behind their e-mails. “I told them that in my e-mail! Whats wrong with them?” Next time, tell them in person! (6) E-mails may come back to haunt you. Sometimes we regret what we say. But an e-mail is a record of that mistake. Also, what you intended to say in an e-mail may be misread as the very opposite of what you intended. (7) This business is person to person – not e-mail to e-mail. So take this advice and your relationship with your clients will improve. Remember there is no smile on the face of an e-mail. Attitude and expressions are detected over the phone.

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