About Your Broker

Tom Gilleran believes that real estate agents are the real estate industry – not any particular company. A real estate brokerage company services the needs of their agents. Companies come and companies go, but the agents move on.

Today, the essential needs of both agents and brokerage companies are provided for by their membership to an Association of Realtors and their associated MLS services. The most important name in real estate today is Realtor. Becoming a Realtor levels the playing field for all agents, allowing them to compete successfully on all levels.

Therefore, Tom believes the Realtor agent should pocket the majority of their hard earned commissions – 100% is a good start.

Tom instituted the Gilleran Griffin Realtors 100% commission program in the 1980’s. The program is time tested and proven to be effective for active, independent minded agents.

Tom welcomes the opportunity the internet now provides to allow Gilleran Griffin Realtors to service the brokerage needs of agents throughout California so they can provide their clients with quality representation and collect the commissions they deserve. The internet reduces the brokerage costs, but more important, it increases the services of the broker to both agents and clients, and assures the clients better representation.

Tom has been licensed in California since 1967, and incorporated Gilleran Griffin Realtors in 1975, actively managing the needs of thousands of agents over the years. From single family homes to commercial and income properties, his four decades of expertise extends to all activities of sales and leases, both as a salesman in the field and in management.

Gilleran Griffin Realtors agents and clients find Tom Gilleran and his experienced staff always readily accessible by phone and e-mail.

Majoring in accounting,Tom attended Pace College in NY City and Bryant College in Providence, RI. He is an avid sportsman, favoring tennis, skiing, motorcycles and flying, but always with a newspaper, magazine or book nearby. His reading favors science and history.

Although he’s hardly a computer geek, Tom employed early on all the benefits of new business technologies we all enjoy today.

Thomas J. Gilleran
President and Broker
Real Estate License 00359771
Gilleran Griffin Company

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