Going door knocking to generate real estate business…

Most say they tried it but they were not successful.  But that’s not true.  They were not successful because they did not try it long enough. Why? Because they did not enjoy doing it.  That’s the … [Read more...]

Short Sale Values – Are short sale values a myth?

Let’s see. The loan(s) the seller owes are greater than the current market value.  The seller gets the lender(s) to take less.  The lender(s) agree provided the seller do not get any monies from the … [Read more...]

Short Sales Refresher – Short sales are not REO sales

Even some agents mix these two - yes, they both involve a bank, but an REO is owned by a bank and is purchased from a bank, while a short sale is owned by an individual (s) and is purchased from them. … [Read more...]

Cautionary advice regarding Inspections Reports

Inspectors are only bound to the party which hires them.  A buyer given an inspect report from a prior buyer does not have recourse against that inspector. A seller who provides a buyer with a … [Read more...]

Cautionary advice – Transaction coordinators do not review and approve documents

Transaction coordinators do not review and approve documents!  Review and approval is the agent’s responsibility.  Supervising the agents is the broker’s responsibility.  The coordinator is … [Read more...]

Protected: Gilleran Griffin December 2011 Newsletter

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

As agents, what a tightrope we think we walk

What to do, what to say, what not to say, how to tell them, when to tell them, should we wait, don’t want to push too hard, they’re not very nice, and the burdens of doubts go on day after day which … [Read more...]

Agent Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS)

Agent’s Visual Inspection Comments “Buyer should hire an inspector” is an all too common agent TDS blanket statement as if it covers that.  On the other hand, many agents go far beyond the required … [Read more...]

5 Suggestions For Being Ready To Go

1. Have Zipforms on Your Desktop - Get instant access to contracts and forms. Save time getting logged in to to Zipforms.  Go to http://www.car.org/, login, select Zipforms Standard, and download to … [Read more...]

Have New Listings Delivered To You Everyday

What is the best way to keep in touch with the market? Stay current and active. Know what’s going on.  How? Try this, have new listings delivered to your e-mail every day, and or delivered to your … [Read more...]