As agents, what a tightrope we think we walk

What to do, what to say, what not to say, how to tell them, when to tell them, should we wait, don’t want to push too hard, they’re not very nice, and the burdens of doubts go on day after day which makes it equal to a circus balancing act.  There should be more solid ground to take when dealings with our clients, agents, escrow officers, lenders and everyone else in on the deal.

“Of course, how we unload our burden is loaded with doubts as well.  We all know, they shoot the messenger, even little old us just trying to make a living.  So if you can, address the message not from you but from a higher power – if need be, the other guy who’s not there.”  –  Pilgrim’s Progress – John Bunyan – 1684

That was Pilgrim’s problem as he tried to progress thru his travels.  He carried his burden and never put it down. Why carry a burden when you can always put it down. Unload the burden.  Don’t carry it…


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