If you have a California real estate sales or broker’s license, you are invited to join our growing roster of agents throughout California who are coming together to maximize their opportunities with maximum earnings.

Why Gilleran Griffin Realtors?

We are a 100% commission real estate company. Our agents hold either a sales or broker’s license. Most of our agents have more than the industry average experience.

We do NOT have production quotas. We do NOT restrict an agent’s territories of choice.
With a few exceptions, we do not restrict an agent’s properties of choice.
We encourage our agents to maximize the license granted to them by the State of California.

Gilleran Griffin Realtors credentials have been gained from the sale and leasing of thousands upon thousands of transactions. These include affordable single family homes, prestigious multi-million dollar estates, single unit condominiums and townhouses, multiple unit condominium projects, small apartment buildings, mega unit apartment projects, commercial complexes, shopping centers, agricultural land, and even a few historical landmarks. Our sales agents have proven they can list and sell almost any type of property almost anywhere.

Our transaction fee is NOT based on the commission. The agents set their own commission percentage. Our transaction fee is based upon the sales price.

The program is simple:

The broker transaction fee is determined by the selling price or gross lease amount.  The fee is two dollars ($2) per thousand of the selling price/ gross lease. Sale Example: $300,000 selling price equals $600 transaction fee. Lease Example: A $24,000 gross lease equals $48 tansaction fee.
Base processing charge: Transaction fees are on a base of $250 processing charge for sales and a $50 processing change for leases.

Risk Management Fees. Only when a sale is made is the agent charged a Risk Management Fee of twenty cents ($.20) per thousand of the sale/lease price.

Gilleran Griffin Realtors offers agents the complete complement of traditional real estate services without the brick and mortar offices to pay for.As an agent, we will always respect your freedom of individuality. We set no dress codes, no rigid corporate image, no quotas, no restricted territories, and no commission standards.

Our transaction fee is all you pay – no monthly fees, no desk fees, no hidden fees, no extra service fees, nor do we exclusively promote any service provider.

Our proven management support is of the highest professional standards and ethics. Management support and counseling on your transactions is critical when you need it. We provide the best management support in this business. When you need us, we are there for you.

Gilleran Griffin was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1975. We are celebrating our 36th year serving the Greater Los Angeles Community in 2011. It is our deep respect for our agents and their commitments to their clients that has kept us a viable competitor in this great business. Read our Company Profile about our commitment to our agents.

The protection and service of the client always comes first. We believe what is best for the client is always best for the agent too.

Gilleran Griffin Realtors annual membership fee is $198. This yearly fee is in consideration for keeping the rights, privileges and services extended by Broker to Salesperson in full force and effect. Gilleran Griffin Realtors is not a company for an agent to just “hang” their license.

We invite you to consider Gilleran Griffin Realtors as your next and last move. Call (310) 478-1835 and ask for Thomas Gilleran

We make the move for you as easy as 1-2-3. Do call. Have a great day.


Frequently Asked Questions About Joining


“We know that lasting and successful representation is a personal matter between an agent and his/her client. When all is said and done, real estate continues to be a people business – one on one.

In this context, real estate is not a “company” business. In the real world, a “company” does not come calling, an agent does. A “company” does not list properties, an agent in the field does. A “company” does not write and negotiate offers, an agent does. In the real world, real estate is an agent business; an agent and a client business.

In the past, many real estate companies have tried to make real estate a regimented “company business.” But that has never worked, which is why so many real estate companies over the years have come and gone. The biggest names fall by the wayside and are then soon forgotten.
Only the real estate agents themselves remain. They are the industry! So ask yourself……

HAVE you SOLD your soul to the company store?

Are you “told” to use the Company owned escrow… Company owned title… Company DISCLOSURE report service.. Company inspection service… Company owned mortgage service?

Is your license restricted by your company as to which areas you may list and sell and which you cannot… which type of properties you may list or sell and which you cannot?

Does your company require you to maintain production quotas… prepay an excessive Company E&O insurance fee (non-refundable)? Is your Company in your pocket at every turn?

Does your Company restrict the license you earned from the Department of Real Estate? Are you an independent contractor? Or…

Have you sold your soul to the company store?

With Gilleran Griffin Realtors, your commission and your soul is yours.”

Thank you for your time.


Frequently Asked Questions About Joining

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