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We encourage you to take advantage of all our special services. Together we can provide your clients with the best representation expected of us. There’s always more services to come – so check back from time to time.

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Completed Contracts On Demand. You’re in the field. You need a contract right away. Solution: get us the essential information; we will fill out a contract for you and get it to you right away. (Sale or listing, residential, units, commercial, etc).
Get us names, address, price, loan etc. Get to us by phone, fax, e-mail or cell text. Tell us where to send the contracts. You’re then off and running.
Now that’s a service you are going to love. And no charge to you.

Advice On Demand. Any concern of yours is a concern of ours. So contact us for any questions you may have. We believe it is easier to stray out of trouble than it is to get out of trouble. So please, contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or cell text. Now that’s a service you are going to love. And no charge to you.

Conference Room On Demand. Yes, you can meet clients in a luxury conference setting. Enjoy our conference rooms. Coffee or tea provided . Call to reserve. Click here see the available locations. Reservation required. – contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or cell text. Now that’s a service you are going to love. And no charge to you (except for overuse, of course).

Convert Fax to E-mail On Demand. Sending a fax to an e-mail is easy. Ask for your Mogofax page. Keep a copy on your desktop for quick use. Now that’s a service you are going to love. And no charge to you.

Listing Presentation Booklet On Demand. You can e-mail our listing presentation booklet to your clients or you can hand them a printed copy. Now that’s a service you are going to love. And no charge to you.

Door Knob Flyers On Demand. You can printout our Doorknob Flyer and hand it out around the neighbor. Now that’s a service you are going to love. And no charge to you.

Going Door Knocking

Why you don’t do it. Because it’s no fun? Most say they tried it but they were not successful. Yes, but they were not successful because they did not try it long enough. Why? Because they did not enjoy doing it. That’s the truth. They did it but they had no fun doing it. Is having fun the answer? Absolutely it is. Well, them, how do you make it fun? Very simple. Be yourself. Never use a caned pitch. Never repeat the same old same old same old…. Don’t try to be anyone other than who you are… and don’t be ashamed others see you working. Success always comes to those who do not give up. Those who don’t give up enjoy themselves.

Coordinator On Demand. If you want a coordinator, we either have one for you or we can recommend one to you. Coordinator cost is negotiable. But it does cost.

Coordinating Your Own Transactions On Demand. Well, many agents hire coordinators; many treat it as an elite service they provide their clients; many pay hundreds of dollars for this service; many are helped by it; but, should you be your own coordinator? Is there an advantage to being your own coordinator? Absolutely you should unless your just not good at that kind of thing. Your client would prefer you to be their single contact throughout. The easiest way to coordinate your transactions is to do it immediately after the sale is made. Don’t put anything off. Get all the disclosures out right away. Get it done – get it done – get it done . The time is right for everyone to do the necessary paperwork at the time of sale. But we can help you coordinate without any extra charge. Now that’s a service you are going to love.

Cautionary advise:

Transaction coordinators do not review and approve documents. Transaction coordinators coordinate. Review and approval is the agent’s responsibility. Supervising the agents is the broker’s responsibility. The coordinator is exclusively an administrator working exclusively for the agent – not the broker. Most coordinators do not hold a real estate license. Even if they did, they would not be accountable for review and approval of documents unless they were employed by the broker for that purpose.

Coordinators help lessen the paper-load. Which is great. But they are not the responsible agent. Conversely, the agent is responsible for the acts of the coordinator. Realize, the coordinator speaks for you. What they say is what you say even if you didn’t say it.

Transaction Documents On Demand. You never alone. We stay with the sale throughout the escrow. We review all documents. You get our e-mail Document Summary update as things progress highlighting what needs yet to done. It’s that simple.
Now that’s a service you are going to love. And no charge to you.

Easy Catch-up On Demand. Good advise is forever. We invite you to renew or refresh these very important topics in our easy to read Easy Catch-up Reader. Now that’s a service you are going to love. And no charge to you. Here’s an Easy Reader sample regarding short sales and inspection reports.

Short Sale Values

Are short sale values a myth?

Let’s see. The seller owes a lender more than the current market value. The seller gets the lender to take less. The lender agrees provided the seller does not get any monies from the sale.

Let’s see. The short sale is sold for market value. Market value is what a buyer is willing to pay. So is the buyer getting a benefit of a bargain?

Let’s see. Most buyers perceive that they are. Many agents perceive that their buyer is getting a benefit of a bargain. After all, the property is sold for less than what was owed against it.

Let’s see. Could it be that the seller overpaid? Could it be the lender over loaned? Could it be the buyer is actually paying fair market value?

Let’s see. The lender goes along with the shortage based upon their evaluation that the property is being sold for fair market value.

Let’s see. It seems the logic against the benefit of the bargain can be argued but let’s not go there.

Instead, let’s see. At the very least, the benefit of the bargain is with the buyer who gets to buy a property that would not have been on the market otherwise. That in itself has great value.


Short Sales Refresher:

Short sales are not REO sales.

Even some agents mix these two – yes, they both involve a bank, but an REO is owned by a bank and  is purchased from a bank, while a short sale is owned by an individual (s) and is purchased from a private party. It’s a normal sale except the seller can’t close unless the loan on the property is reduced – the property is not currently worth the loan balance. Thus, the short sale is contingent upon the mortgage holder taking less than they are due. This is a loss they normally do not want to take. So the seller has got to have some good reasons to expect his lender to “shorten” the loan amount.

Many homeowners hold on to their property and make the payments on their loan that currently exceeds the property value for any number of reasons, first of which is they can afford to make the payments and second, they want to keep their property.


Cautionary advise:  Inspections reports.

Inspectors are only bound to the party which hires them. A buyer given an inspect report from a prior buyer does not have recourse against that inspector. A seller who provides a buyer with a seller’s paid inspection report does so at risk. Heaven forbid but it is possible the seller’s best friend provided a friendly report. The buyer could claim they relied upon that report and go against the seller.

Home warranties paid by the seller are different. The warranty company warranties the property for the buyer, not the seller.


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