Four Corners Of A Successful Real Estate Career

Our focus is to sustain for our agents the four corners of a successful career: Confidence, Connections, Choices, and Commissions.


Confidence: Clients today hold real estate agents to a higher level of knowledge and services, much higher than they expected of agents in prior years. Yet clients are aware that agents cannot know everything, especially in this world of information overload where even experts cannot keep current.

However, clients expect agents to be professionally knowledgeable and to provide responsive answers to their questions.  Knowing how to find what you need to know is the hallmark of a true professional. To this purpose, our organization, management, staff and our website is directed toward your ability to find what you need quickly and reliably. Your clients, who access our website, will also gain confidence in you as they discover for themselves the services and knowledge at your disposal. In addition, agents and clients will find that the policies of Gilleran Griffin Company are in keeping with the highest standards of the real estate industry and governed by the best interests of the client.


Connections: Having buyers and sellers is where your business starts.  Our services and support are also dedicated to your developing community and web-based networking alternatives to expand and convert your social relationships into business relationships, saving you time and money using Internet social networking to your best advantage. You do not have to be an Internet expert to effectively make the Internet a place of business. Let us help you get the most from the Internet and from your personal community of friends, relatives and everyday contacts.


Choices: At Gilleran Griffin, we will always respect your freedom of individuality.  We set no dress codes, no rigid corporate image, no quotas on sales, no restricted territories, nor do we exclusively promote any service providers, nor do we set commission percentages.   With a few exceptions, we encourage you to utilize the advantages licensed to you by the State of California.


Commissions: It is no secret; agents do most of the work, so they deserve most of the commissions earned. 100% is a good start. A brokerage company should be operated at an expense level to provide essential support and premium supervision to the agent without excessive charges and fees.  For this reason we do not have any add-on service charges for supervising transactions or reviewing files, nor do we have monthly fees, desk fees, hidden fees, no extra service fees or time review charges. Our transaction fee is what it is. That’s it.


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