Our program is simple. The broker transaction fee is determined by the selling price or gross lease amount.

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Q. Why should I join Gilleran Griffin Realtors?


A. With our virtual brokerage office, you will discover this is the way real estate should have been years ago.

After 35 years supervising thousands of Gilleran Griffin agents who have made thousands of sales, we know what agents need and what agents want from their broker: Confidence, Connections,  Contacts and Commissions.

Agents want to be confident that their clients can rely on them. Agents need contacts to sustain a successful career. Agents deserve commissions that are not unreasonably split.

For starters, even the most experienced and knowledgeable agents find today’s massive paper world over the top. Agents and clients find themselves buried under paperwork and wondering if their missing something. Our new online systems give you that confidence to move on.

To sustain a real estate career, agents everywhere are now using the social opportunities of the Internet as a place of business to attract a family of friends and new clients. We want to assist you in taking advantage of the Internet

As for commissions, we recognize that the individual agent is the heart of the real estate industry. Companies come and companies go. Only the agents remain and move on. Agents are the industry, therefore, most of any commissions earned should be all theirs. 100% is a good start.

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Q. Is there any cost to join Gilleran Griffin Realtors?

A. There is an annual membership fee of $198.00 payable on the first of January each year. The annual fee is deferred until your first transaction. If you are joining anytime during the calendar year, prorate the fee at $16.50 per month remaining in the year.

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Q. Why an annual Fee?

A. Gilleran Griffin is a not a brokerage service for someone to hang their license. We are expecting agents to utilize the benefits of the license granted to them by the State of California. The services provided by Gilleran Griffin Realtors are available to all associate licensees of the company regardless of their selling activity. It’s a membership fee reinstating your membership.

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Q. Is there a sales/leasing activity quota?


A. No. No quotas. As a member of Gilleran Griffin Realtors, your level of activity is your decision.

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Q. Can I sell commercial property and income property?

A. Yes. We encourage you to utilize the licensed opportunities granted to you by the Department of Real Estate. There are a few exception – business sales and mobile home sales are not allowed, as well as lending activities are not allowed.

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Q. How do I get paid after a sale has closed?


A. Agents are paid directly from escrow after the completion of the transaction and all required documentation has been provided to the company.

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Q. Do I have to use a company transaction coordinator?

A. No, you do not. We require you to file with us all the required documents of a transaction. If you would like the services of a transaction coordinator, we can recommend several.

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Q. Does the company set the rate of commission?


A. No. The agent sets their own commission rate. Our fees are not based upon the commission so prior broker approval is not required.

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Q. Does the company have a flat fee?


A. No, we do not offer flat fees.

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Q. Why do you not offer flat fees?


A. In general, flat fees are not proportional to an agent’s earnings.

For instance, flat monthly fees are due regardless of an agent’s success. Agents who earn the most, benefit the most from the broker services; but those services are financially supported by all the agents, even those who earn the least or nothing at all. For the broker, the flat monthly fees provide a secure monthly income.


Flat transaction fees are not proportional either. The agents who sell million dollar properties pay the same as agents who sells $100,000 properties, although. the commissions earned are substantially unequal. In addition, flat transaction fees are not in balance with the fluctuation of the real estate market.

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Q. What’s your commission split?


A. Gilleran Griffin is a 100% brokerage company.

Most traditional brokers collect their income based upon a percentage split of the total commissions earned by the agents. Generally, splits go from 50/50 to 90/10 for big hitters.
We do not do splits on the commissions earned by our agents.

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Q. What are the Gilleran Griffin fees?

A. The broker transaction fee is determined by the selling price or gross lease amount.  The fee is two dollars ($2) per thousand of the selling price/ gross lease.

Sale Example: $300,000 selling price equals $600 transaction fee.

Lease Example: A $24,000 gross lease equals $48 tansaction fee.

Base processing charge: Transaction fees are on a base of $250 processing charge for sales and a $50 processing change for leases.Return to the top of the page

Q. Why a fee based upon the selling price and not based upon the commission?

A. Our agents are free to determine their own commission rate. We do not interfere.

Our fee is proportional to the risk and exposure of each individual transaction based upon price and in balance with the commissions earned.

With Gilleran Griffin, both broker and agents are in balance with production and the fees paid are proportional to production.

Our fee structure is time tested and proven effective for both agents and broker.

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Q. Do you take fines and other document handling charges?

A. No – We do not charge for our mangement services to our agents.

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Q. Do you charge a desk fees?


A. No. No desk fees. No monthly fees. No franchise fees. No reviewing file fees.

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Q. When can I start writing an offer and taking listings with Gilleran Griffin?

A. Upon completing our New Agent Package and notification of your change of broker with the Department of Real Estate.

To obtain the New Agent Package Click here
To obtain BHGLAAR Application Click here
To obtain Claw/MLS Application Click here

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Q. Who do I use for business cards?

A. Your favorite printer will probably get you the best price. Many of our agents have used a local Los Angeles printer which has our company logo. You may contact them directly at (310) 473-4338, located at 1311 estwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024 or you may try Card Concepts online who also has our logo, http://www.cardconceptsonline.com.

The only requirement on your cards is your name, your real estate license number and the name of the brokerage company. You may use your home office address or none at all if you wish. You may use your home office phone number and/or cell number. We recommend listing your email address as well as the company website gilran.com.

You can identify your area of service or your community of service. For instance: Gilleran Griffin Realtors / Bakersfield or Gilleran Griffin Realtors / Modesto.

To download the company logo click here

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Q. What about real estate signs?

A. You can use your favorite sign company. We recommend Dee Sign Co. which serves both Northern and Southern California. Access their website for further information at http://deesignca.com Dee sign has our logo and layout for our signs.

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Q. What contact information do I use on my signs?

A. You may publish your home office phone and/or your cell phone on your signs. You may list your email address and/or your personal website or you may list the company website which is www.gilran.com

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Q. Can I get a personalized company email address?

A. Yes. We will provide you, free of charge, a gilran.com personal email. Example: if your name is Jack Jones you can have jack@gilran.com, jones@gilran.com or jackjones@gilran.com or any designation you prefer such as sacramentosales@gilran.com or palmsspringssales@gilran.com

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Q. Do I have to use a company lender, escrow or title company?

A. No. Gilleran Griffin is not affiliated with any lender, title company, escrow company, termite company or any service provider.

We offer a list of service providers with whom we had successful dealings. I f you wish to add your favorite companies to our list of reputable service providers, we will gladly add them.

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Q. Are both sales licensees and broker licensees members of Gilleran Griffin?

A. Yes. Both find our services to their benefit.

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Q. Does Gilleran Griffin train new licensees?

A. No. However, there is a host of online and in-person training courses available to new licensees from private instructors or from the Association of Realtors and M.L.S. providers as well as local community colleges and State colleges offering classes at a reasonable charge. Many agents have advanced their knowledge through college classes.

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Q. How do I get support from Gilleran Griffin?

A. Immediate support is available by contacting via telephones or cell phones which numbers will be made available upon joining. Another method of communication is through our staff email addresses, and/or fax.

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Q. How do I get forms, contracts and documents that I need to use?


A. Winforms/ZipForms can be obtained through your C.A.R. membership. You can access winforms by clicking here: http://www.zipforms.com

Other documentation are also available on our website. To see our available documents,
click here

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Q. Do you provide an office or a conference room?


A. No, we do not. The savings of not providing brick and mortar offices and all the supplemental expenses attended to those offices make it possible for us to provide our services at these discounted transaction fees.

But more importrant, most agents today work successfully from a home office anyway. Our transition to a virtual brokerage company was inspired by our sales staff that lead the way – they were successfully virtual most days.

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Q. Do I have to become a member of a Realtor Association?


A. Yes. You cannot compete successfully in today’s market without a membership in a local Association of Realtors. That membership includes membership to the National Association and to the California Association which provide essential services to agents and to companies throughout the State.

In addition, the most important brand name in real estate is REALTOR. We are Realtors. Click here to read more.

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Q. Do I have to become a member of a Mulitple Listing Service?


A. Yes. However, commercial agents, who do not wish to join, can be waived.

For more information, please contact your local Multiple Listing Service.

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