Which Agent Should I List With

Which Realtor-agent should I list with?

There are several ways of finding a Realtor-agent.

Getting a referral from a friend or relative is one way.
Searching the local newspaper, the Internet or neighborhood real estate signs is another way. Usually, one or more agents come to you.
They may send a flyer, call you on the phone or even knock on your door.
However you meet them, the Realtor agents who want the job should be highest on your list of candidates.

Your best interests must be a very high priority in the efforts of the agent you select. The agents presentation goes a long way in establishing qualifications which will satisfy your priorities.

Following are some important aspects you should consider about the agent:

a) Would you buy from this agent?

If you are expecting a buyer to buy from your agent, asking yourself if you would buy from the agent makes very good sense. Just a reminder: the best agent may not be the most likeable.

b) Does the agent have an enthusiastic attitude toward your property?

Can the agent make a proper and complete presentation to solicit the interest of buyers and other brokers regarding your property. Has the agent given your property a proper inspection? Has the agent taken note of the important features of the property?

c) Does the agent know the neighborhood?

That an agent has worked your neighborhood for years does not exclude other agents who have taken the opportunity to learn your neighborhood.

d) Does the agents know the comparable properties?

A comprehensive presentation always should include a detailed analysis of the current market inyour neighborhood. What other properties sell for is very important although there may be very significant difference between properties.

e) Where does the agent intend to advertise the property?

The MLS provides the maximum advertizing to gain the attention buyers and the attention ofother agents. A sign on the property is still very effective advertizing to capture the interest of both buyers and others agents. Newspaper advertizing is still available but the cost becomes prohibitive for most agents over a long period. Even the giant companies limit each individual property to a few lines of advertisement – a page may contain multiple properties of rather small print. A Virtual Tours of the property can be viewed over the Internet and it is affordable and effective. The Internet has become so pervasive, that it has opened the door for some new real estate companies to operate exclusively as an Internet brokerage, without a community office presence.

f) Does the agent intend to hold Open Houses?

Open House provides excellent opportunities for buyers and other agents to discover a property without an appointment. Many properties are sold to buyers who happen to drive by an open house. Will your agent be available for an open house.

g) Will the agent be available to show the property?

Who will show the property to prospective buyers? Will your agent be there or will someone else be there.

h) Will the agent you list with be the one you will be in contact with over the course of the listing  and sale, or will that be someone else?

Some sellers consider this a very important question.

Of course, this is not a complete list. But it may be of some guidance.

A Guide for Homeowners – By Gilleran Griffin Realtors – Copyright 2010

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