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Which company should I list my property with?

If you’re thinking of selling, you may ask: which real estate company is best for me? Is the biggest the best for me, or will I only get lost among all the other clients? Therefore, is a smaller company better? Also, how important is a well-recognized company name? Or, does that matter?

Who should I list my property with?

Is there a good answer to this question? Yes, there is a good answer.

We believe the size of the company you are looking for is really no bigger than the Realtor-agent who stands before you.

The company name may be no more than a franchise label. But the most important name in real estate is REALTOR. Being a Realtor is the edge all Realtors have.

Companies and agents who join a Realtor’s association can compete successfully because today’s technology has leveled the playing field.

The field is level because the tools of the trade are available to all Realtors of all companies, the biggest and the smallest alike, complements of the Internet and the extensive services provided by our trade associations.

The field is level because every Realtor-agent today has access to all listed properties and every Realtor-agent can promote their listings to all other agents through a number of local and regional multiple listing services, including real estate internet sites throughout the United States. The MLS information is accessible to all member-agents immediately at the time of posting.

The field is level because, as members of the National Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors, Realtor-agents stay current with all the national, state and local real estate news, laws and regulations that are always changing to the times in which we live. The legal assistance provided by the Realtors associations are essential for the operation of all companies, big and small, and these services are available to all members.
Here in California, all Realtors use standard contracts and forms that they can download and create through the California Association of Realtors – Winforms/Zipform. This advanced service gives every Realtor agent the opportunity to present their clients best interest.

The field is level because, as members of a Realtor association, all Realtor-agents agree to abide by the Realtors Code of Ethics which demands the highest practice of professionalism for the best interest of the public.

The field is level because, in practical terms, today’s technology provided by Realtors associations has united Realtor members to be able to function, for all practical purposes, as one entity.

The management of the real estate company that stands behind the Realtor-agent is still of considerable importance. But again, this comes down to an individual issue – the experience and availability of a manager.

For us here at Gilleran Griffin Realtors, we can rightfully boast that our management team is unequaled by any other company, bar none. We’ve been Realtors since 1975. With thousand upon thousands of transactions behind us, we know stability does matter.

As to a company size, the company name may be no more than a national banner. Real estate offices come in all different sizes, some with many agents, some with only a few. Today, the largest real estate empire is a conglomerate which owns and controls several of the largest real estate entities. Millions of dollars of promotional media advertising have bought public exposure to these names, although most of the individual offices are franchised and independently owned by a local broker operating under a national name banner.

Several other national franchises have grown substantially over the years, comprised mainly, again, of independently owned and operated offices contracting under a single banner.

The virtual brokerage company with a large staff of agents, like Gilleran Griffin Realtors, with more than a hundred agents, provides services and management equal or better than any other real estate office while providing the personal management touch sought by agents. Our brand name is Realtors.

So, the best answer to the question first asked is this: think Realtor-agent.
And our best advice is to find the Realtor-agent that is right for you.

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