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Time Tested And Proven

Our program is time tested and proven, 100% since 1981. The basic math is simple and straightforward. Our 2 dollars is what we get. Your commission check from escrow is what you expected, not a penny less, no surprises. And we give back in extensive services and resources at no extra charges to save you even more. Our Los Angeles office is for you, in real time. We're not just on the Internet, or a voice on the phone. You can come see us, get personal attention on transactions, and conference with your clients, free of any charges.

More Money Means More Success

The Gilleran Griffin 100% program allows you to have a competitive advantage for new business. You decide how your 100% is kept and spent. With 100% you can expand your base, assist clients with incentives, engage others with referrals, reward assistance, promote your properties, and promote yourself. Or just assist the buyers and sellers you currently have. Let's get started now.

Affordable Internet Promotion

Buyers find you on the internet and buyer's buy the property they want with focus on the property itself. The Internet is the center of the business world and it's affordable for us all. The Internet has left expensive real estate advertisements in the unsold, unread newspaper racks everywhere. The hold that national-brand-names had on real estate newspaper promotion is at a crossroads. The brand name that matters the most to buyers and sellers today is REALTOR. We've been Realtors for 40 years. Join us now.